The Evatos team

Andreas Ohme

Director, Product Development, Sales, Training

Andreas Ohme

Olga Mazepura

Field service, consulting, sales, training

Olga Mazepura

Doreen Schulze Neitzel

Back office, consulting, distribution, sales

Doreen Schulze Neitzel

Karen Rider

Back office, clerical work, advice

Karen Rider

The Company

Begun Evatos came up with the idea of ​​using a combination of electrolysis and high frequency to enable vessels to be sclerosed without using a hot tool.

The development of the device for phlebolysis resulted in the founding of a company that has been active in the medical device trade since 2008 and has had exclusive worldwide distribution rights for the device since 2011.

The device is a certified medical device that the company places in the expert hands of doctors and alternative practitioners.

The Quality of our products and easy handling is the key to success for us.

We certify our customers for phlebolysis treatment through personal product training.

Together with our customers, we have therefore been conducting an ongoing user study since 2011, the results of which are incorporated into the manufacturer's research and development.

More than 1.000.000 cases have already been documented in this way.

Evatos is the information portal for phlebolysis in order to be able to provide the highest possible quality information about this relatively new medical procedure.

We therefore devote ourselves to the detailed articles on the indication pages, the interviews and the patient cases, which talk about the advantages and disadvantages of phlebolysis and provide therapists with a basis for making well-founded decisions for their patients.

Please feel free to contact us to talk more about phlebolysis or the options for its application.

The device is sold through the separate company so that doctors can also refer to our homepage - but we are happy to forward the contact.

Feel free to use the indication pages or the media library to get comprehensive information about phlebolysis!

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