Treating a raised scar after heart surgery

Three years ago, I underwent heart surgery. The profound experience of it all made me reassess my life to find out what was really important.

Now I spend more and more time doing things that bring me joy and take the time to consciously enjoy them.
The operation left me with a clearly-visible scar on my chest. This meant that in the summer, a lot of the time I only went around in a t-shirt, even on the beach, only taking it off when I could be sure no-one could see me.

Then I heard from a friend that there was a new treatment option, using a Phlebolyser. I started to undergo treatment for my scar six months ago, and noticed a significant flattening of the scar tissue. The great thing about it is that the scar tissue is numb, meaning that the treatment didn’t cause any painful side-effects.

Today I already feel a lot freer and, after I’ve had a few follow-up treatment sessions, I’m already looking forward to the beach and the sea … without a t-shirt!

Sven M. (A businessman from Wiesbaden)

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