Treating a haematoma of the lip

Two years ago, my cat caught my lip when it was playing on my lap. I didn’t pay much attention to the scratch until it became inflamed. The wound was inflamed so deeply it didn’t heal for weeks. An unsightly pea-sized spot that was dark blue to black in colour appeared on that bit of my lip.

When I eventually went to the doctor, he told me there wasn’t much he could do and that I should have come to him sooner. He described a type of treatment that was very risky, which would probably cause some even more unsightly effects on my outward appearance.

Then I heard about Phlebolyser. After an initial treatment session, which lasted about seven minutes, about 80% of the scar tissue disappeared. I could see the results when I looked in the mirror just two weeks later, which made me absolutely delighted. After two weeks I went to the second treatment session, full of expectations. Now, the bit that’s still there is always a nice reminder of my cute little cat.

Anna K. (from Leipzig)

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