»I recommend the Phlebolyser because it works.
A gentle, effective and aesthetically pleasing treatment for changes to the skin, subcutaneous tissue and blood vessels, with minimal pain.
It’s a real alternative to lasers or a surgical procedure.«

Sascha Fieseler, Chirurgie, Eschwege,
specialist in surgery, abdominal surgery

Dr. med. (Doctor of Medicine) Joachim Magnus, general medicine, Linden,

Anka Lorenz-Kniese, gynaecological practice, Crimmitschau,

Svetlana Lauer, general medicine, Altenbeken

»We’ve been offering treatment with the Phlebolyser in our practice for several years. It’s easy to use, really safe and causes relatively little pain. Most importantly, it doesn’t leave any scars behind, even when it used to treat a large area.
Our patients – who aren’t all women, there are men too – like using this option, e.g. for gently removing warts, condylomata, fibromata or age spots. Given that these skin abnormalities can represent not only medical problems, but aesthetic problems too, more than anything else, which have a negative impact on the self-confidence of the person affected. At our practice, we’ve already been able to make a lot of patients happy using Phlebolyser treatment. They’re really happy when they can wear things again in summer like low-cut t-shirts because they’ve got rid of the wart or whatever other issue they had and there’s not even a scar to remind them of it.«

Dipl.-Stom. (Diploma in Oral Medicine) Yvonne Körner, dentist, Leipzig