Skin disorders without scars and
remove without anesthesia


Depending on the individual case, skin disorders of any kind can have a major impact on the physical and mental health of the patient. The Phlebolyser® can be used for many different indications of the skin, as can be seen from over 1.000.000 documented cases. A list of conceivable areas of application can be found below.

We support your practice in using the device through staff training, information material and personal support for the entire life cycle of the device (at least 10 years).

The aim of Evatos is a development in medicine that enables effective treatment approaches with as few side effects as possible. In the field of skin disorders and their removal, the Phlebolyser® is the next step in this evolution, which has already found its way into numerous medical and alternative practitioner practices.

On this homepage you can find out more about the treatment method and contact us. We look forward to you!

Age spots



herpes simplex

Spider veins

liver spots



Seborrheic keratoses




Raised Scars

Birt-Hogg-Dubé Syndrome

aphthous ulcers

Images from ongoing user study

How does the Phlebolyser work? An interview with Andreas Ohme

A case study with a doctor's explanation of xanthelasma

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